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I plan to transfer the player characters to the characters section once I better understand the Characters function.


A British woman trained in healing and investigation. Her husband was recently murdered. She began an investigation when the local constabulary ran into a dead end. She found a couple of clues pointing to an otherwise peaceful hermit living on the edge of town. When she went to the hermit to ask questions, he attacked her. She killed him during the scuffle, after which she saw a strange mist exit his body. She now believes the hermit killed her husband under the influence of a demon. She now is hunting the demon to put an end to its evil once and for all.

She ran into Nicolas Fuchs when she went to investigate reports of witchcraft in a town in Northern England (probably around Leeds). She found him severely injured. She helped him recover from his wounds. They decided to travel together since they have a similar desire to find evil.

Nicolas Fuchs

A Catholic inquisitor from Germany, Nicolas is currently traveling through Britain incognito. He came to Britain working under the command of another inquisitor. They were tracking the whereabouts of a monk convicted of witchery.

The monk had murdered a number of fellows in his order. The monk had fled after performing the killings. An investigation indicated the monk’s actions were part of a satanic ceremony. The two inquisitors were sent to bring the monk to justice.

The two inquisitors tracked the monk to a farmer’s property outside Leeds. They found the monk in the barn. When they went into the barn, the monk with a couple of apparent cultists locked the barn door from the inside then attacked the inquisitors. When the fight turned against the cultists, the farmer lit the barn on fire. The fight continued in the burning fire until the barn began collapsing. A portion of the barn collapsed on the inquisitors, severely wounding Nicolas and killing his compatriot. Nicolas was barely able to escape. He was able to pull the body of his compatriot out of the barn. The cultists are presumed dead, though no other bodies were recovered from the barn.

Prudence helped tend his wounds after the confrontation. After he recovered, they began traveling together.


Womanizing Frenchman and ex-Musketeer. He travels to Britain ostensibly to protect Jonathan Gilders. His real motivation is to exact revenge…

He travels with his two younger brothers (Francoise and Pierre).

Jonathan Gilders

Dutch merchant dealing in rare antiquities. He travels with Gerben, a young servant. He is traveling through Britain looking for some unusual items to sell on the continent.



I am placing Torkertown to the South-Southeast of Leeds.


We are using the rules presented within The Savage World of Solomon Kane. The rules are a slight modification of the Savage Worlds ruleset.

We are not using any house rules at this time.

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