Solomon Kane

First Session

Late Fall / Early Winter

Prudence, Nicolas, Jean-Rene, Jonathan, Francoise, Pierre, and Gerben are traveling south from Leeds toward Torkertown. They reach a fork in the road with the shorter road leading into the moor and the longer road leading into the swamp. They briefly discussed which option to take. Travelers usually take the longer route as the moor road was reportedly haunted. However, someone named Solomon Kane apparently cleared the route less than a month ago.

They decide to take the road through the moor. Overcast skies blocked the sun and a light fog covered the ground, giving the walk a distinctly downcast feel. A couple of the travelers feel a little uncomfortable, as if someone were watching them.

After six hours of trudging through the forest, they reach Torkertown. They enter town by walking past the cemetary, noting the preparations for a funeral. They can tell the town has experienced an unusually high number of recent deaths by the number of freshly dug graves. The body of a man hangs from the gallows in the town green. A woman dressed in black is loading furniture into a cart, all the while crying.

Nicolas walks up to the body hanging from the gallows. He notices a paper pinned to the body: “Here hangs Roger Simeon as a warning to others of what happens to those practicing witchcraft, necromancy, and other crimes against nature.”

Nicolas then walks over to the church to talk the village priest into giving him a place to stay. Overall he is unsuccessful.

Jonathan and Prudence walk to the tavern, The Lamb. Jonathan gets a couple of rooms for himself and Jean-Rene. Prudence intends asks the tavern owner a few questions about what is happening about town. Afterward, she decides to meet Nicolas at the church.

When she reaches the church, Nicolas and the priest are discussing events about town. She immediately joins the discussion, rambling on about hunting demons and evil being everywhere. The priest looks at her as if she is insane. Nicolas and Prudence leave the church.

Jean-Rene, with his brothers, approaches the crying woman. He offers to help her load the cart—an offer she accepts. He finds out that she is the Widow Mary Ivens. Her husband died about a week ago. She is packing to move to Bristol where her sister lives. She is leaving town because her husband incurred a large debt. He then tries to seduce her, but she refuses as she is overcome with grief.

The church bell rings for evening mass.

After church, Nicolas gossips with the parishioners. The people in Torkertown believe the region is cursed. Torkertown was cursed with ghost in the moor, the evil necromancer Roger Simeon, and now the mysterious deaths about town. Nearby Lincon and ??? are experiencing similar things. Many also whisper that mysterious figures have been seen in the swamp and moor.

Jonathan speaks with the Magistrate, Squire H. The Magistrate tells Jonathan that the four dead men died of liver failure. Jonathan suspects the Magistrate is hiding something. Jonathan asks about the death of Roger Ivens. The Magistrate says Ivens apparently fell down the stairs—there were no indications of foul play.

The group learns the four men killed in a mysterious fashion also hung around with Alfred Dawlish.

Jonathan discusses the meeting with Magistrate with Prudence knows liver failure would not cause the pale skin noted on the victims. symptoms.

Nicolas, Jonathan, and Prudence decide to watch the road for Alfred Dwalish. Jean-Rene and his brothers set up a couple of patrols throughout the night. Nicolas, Jonathan, and Prudence see Dawlish approaching along the road. They see him pause then let loose with a scream. They see a strange red mist attack Dawlish. They rush forward to save Dawlish.

As Jean-Rene was finishing the midnight patrol, he also heard a scream in the direction of the old road. He rushed in the direction and joined the fray.

They were able to disperse the mist, noting a tendril of the mist stretched back to the grave of Roger Ivens.

After Prudence treats Dawlish, rousing him from his unconscious state. Nicolas confronts Dawlish, forcing him to confess. Nicolas then drags Dawlish to the Magistrate and the Widow Ivens. Nicolas then forces Dawlish to return the property he had scammed from Roger Ivens.


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